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Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between the Seattle Plus and the All Access memberships?

Our Seattle Plus EFT memberships allow unlimited climbing at Stone Gardens Seattle and two visits per month at Stone Gardens Bellevue .The All Access EFT memberships allow unlimited climbing at both locations.

What if i need to make changes to my EFT Membership?

We bill on the 20th of each month and that any changes to be submitted in writing 3 business days prior to the 20th. You can freeze, cancel or update payment information in person or submit your request on our Membership Changes page.

Can i purchase items on account?

Yes. EFT members can purchase products offered at Stone Gardens and have them charged to their account.

What form of payment do you recommend?

We recommend providing a voided check or bank information for EFT billing. This form of payment declines significantly less than credit or debit cards.

How often can I climb in Bellevue?

Our Seattle Plus EFT memberships allow climbing at Stone Gardens Bellevue twice a month.  The All Access membership allow unlimited climbing at both Stone Gardens Seattle and Stone Gardens Bellevue.

I bought my punch card in Seattle, can I use my punches at Stone Gardens Bellevue? 

The Seattle Plus Punchcard lets you use up to 5 of your 10 punches at Stone Gardens Bellevue. 

Can I still bring a first time guest for free?

EFT & Annual members can still bring 1 first-time guest for free to either location.  As always, you are limited to one guest per visit but you can take advantage of this offer every time you climb if you like.

Does my Class membership allow me to climb at Stone Gardens Bellevue?

Yes.  Class memberships (101, Tech and Lead) are valid at both locations.

Do I need to sign a new waiver?

Waivers are valid at both locations and they expire after one year.

Will my belay tests transfer to Stone Gardens Bellevue?

Belay tags are valid at both locations.  You can take a belay test at either location.

Do I use the same card to check in?

Yes the membership cards will work at both locations.

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