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Stone Gardens front desk staff, route setters and instructors are here to provide the best possible indoor climbing experience. If you are interested in joining our staff we are always accepting résumés, please include a climbing résumé.

Junior Team Head Coach - 

Position Type:   Part-time or part of a full-time position.  In order to get full-time hours, must be flexible and willing to perform other job duties such as Youth Instructor, Adult Instructor, and Front Desk. Additional roles TBD.
On Call Availability Required?  Yes
Date posted:                      5/22/2018           
Location:                           Stone Gardens Bellevue
Posting Expires:               6/15/2018
Level/Salary Range:        D.O.E.
Benefits: PT: Gym Membership. If FT: Medical, vision and dental insurance, paid vacation and gym membership.
Evening and Weekend availability required?     Yes 

How to apply

Send Joel Sheppard an email with attached PDFs of your cover letter, functional resumé, and a summary of your climbing experience.
Email address:
Subject Line: Bellevue Junior Team Head Coach 

Job Description

Job Purpose: Direct and coach Stone Gardens Bellevue’s Junior Climbing Team


  • Run practices three days a week for Stone Gardens’ Junior Climbing Team in Bellevue
  • Occasionally coach in Seattle
  • Plan workouts and climbing drills for each category of competitors
  • Coach competitors and/or manages iso at local, regional, divisional, and national competitions
  •  Ensure that all team members have excellent supervision and follow the gyms safety guidelines
  • Conduct weekly meetings with all Seattle team coaches
  • Attend monthly update meetings with Seattle Head Coach and the Stone Gardens’ management team
  • Keep parents up to date via handouts and emails
  • Speak directly with parents of Team members
  • Coordinate with Team sponsors
  • Report to Stone Gardens Bellevue’s Climbing School Director, and Bellevue’s Gym Manager  


Ideal candidate will have at least two years’ experience coaching youth climbing, be familiar with USA Climbing rules, competitor categories, competition formats, adept at teaching all rope skills related to top rope and lead climbing, skilled at teaching climbing technique to beginner, intermediate and advanced climbers, familiar with a wide range of body weight exercises, able to recognize and correct improper form, self-motivated, team player, able to supervise and inspire adult coaches and youth team members, supportive and positive attitude, extensive climbing experience, competitive climbing experience, excellent communication skills, ability to prioritize objectives, works well with subordinates, peers and managers.

Head Route Setter – Stone Gardens Bellevue

Position Type:   Part Time 23 to 27 hours per week (If combined with other shifts, such as instruction & front desk, etc. it could be a full-time position)
On Call Availability Required?   Yes
Date posted:  06/14/2018
Location:  Stone Gardens Bellevue
Posting Expires:  07/15/2018
Level/Salary Range:   D.O.E.
Evening and Weekend availability required?   Yes 


How to apply

Email Shawn Larson, Stone Gardens Director of Route Setting, with PDFs of your cover letter, concise climbing history and functional resumé.   
Email address:
Subject Line: Head Route Setter – Bellevue  


Job Description:

Job Purpose: Assist the Director of Route Setting in all Route Setting related duties. 



  • Meet with the Director of Route Setting, other Head Setters and Gym Managers
  • Uphold Stone Gardens safety standards
  • Train, mentor, assign tasks and oversee setters 
  • Aid in the development of new route setting polices, programs and procedures
  • Set top quality routes/boulders on a daily basis
  • Assist in wall maintenance
  • Assists with hold orders
  • Maintain Stone Gardens quality of product and aesthetic standards
  • Plan and manage competitions and other setting related events alongside the Director of Route Setting 

Required Qualifications:

  • In good climbing shape
  • Minimum of 3 years commercial route setting experience
  • Management experience
  • The ability to forerun V7 and 5.12 minimum
  • Technical rope skills & ladder use knowledge
  • Team work and communication skills
  • Able to give positive constructive criticism
  • Strong work ethic
  • Desire to continually work to improve own climbing and setting skills
  • Self-motivated & able to motivate other
  • Ability to take on substantial responsibility
  • Must be able to walk on unstable surfaces
  • Able to lift 50 lbs.

What is a Climbing Résumé?

If you have a traditional climbing résumé listing the grades and locations of your best climbs by all means send it our way. If you prefer, you can treat the climbing résumé as more of a narrative. Take a page and describe your climbing experiences and share with us your passion for climbing.