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make a reservation at Stone gardens bellevue


reservation rules

  • RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED. Walk ins are allowed when space permits.
  • Only current MEMBERS and PUNCH CARD holders are allowed to make reservations.
  • Use the RGPro Connect App or create a profile on our website to make reservations, see ones you have booked and to cancel.
  • Please CANCEL as far in advance as possible to allow others to climb. We ask for a MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS' NOTICE for all  climbing reservation cancellations.  24 hours' notice is greatly appreciated. 425.644.2445
  • Maximum of 1 climbing reservation per day, 4 per week. Weight room reservations are NOT counted towards this total.

gym rules

  • Social Distancing  must be observed at ALL TIMES.
  • A FACE MASK must be worn at ALL TIMES.
  • Come ready to climb. There will be NO SHOWERING or  CLOTHING CHANGING allowed.
  • WASH and/or  SANITIZE your hands when you ARRIVE, REGULARLY during your session, and before you LEAVE.
  • NO LOOSE CHALK - this will be enforced at  ALL TIMES.
  • Liquid chalk is strongly encouraged, chalk balls/ socks are allowed.
  • Water fountains will be CLOSED. The water bottle refill station will be OPEN.
  • Please CHECK OUT when leaving.


  • Increased cleaning throughout the day
  • Capacity will be limited to enforce social distancing
  • Doors and windows will be open to get maximum fresh air flow
  • Lead Ropes and Towels are not available 
  • Limited number of people per zone