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Gym Lead Climbing

Learn all you need to know to safely and efficiently lead climb and lead belay in the gym. This class will teach you the essential methods which must be mastered for safe and efficient indoor sport leading 

Prerequisite: Top rope belay certified by Stone Gardens and the ability to climb 5.9.

  • Two 2½ hour classes. Students must be able to attend both classes
  • $105 (includes two week gym membership)
  • $85 for members




September 9 & 11  Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
September 16 & 18 Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
September 23 & 25 Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
Sept 30 & October 2     Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
October 7 & 9  Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
October 14 & 16 Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
October 21 & 23 Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
October 28 & 30 Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
November 4 & 6  Tues &Thurs   7-9:30pm
November 11 & 13 Tues &Thurs   7-930pm
November 18 & 20  Tues &Thurs       7-9:30pm

Rappelling and Sport Anchors

Learn the essential climbing skills of setting up and cleaning Sport Anchors and Rappelling. This class teaches the fundamental skills that can take you from the gym to the crag with confidence.
Prerequisite: Lead Belay certified by Stone Gardens

  • ONE 2½ hour class
  • 2 Students to 1 Instructor
  • $85 (includes two week gym membership)
  • $70 for members

Registration Information

Pre-registration and pre-payment required. To reserve your spot call Stone Gardens Bellevue at (425) 644-2445.

Email with questions

Waiver Required

Completion of a Stone Gardens Waiver is required of all participants and guests. Please Click Here to fill it out online.